BNLXFest 4 at the Uptown VFW 4/27! BNLX EP #10 on the way!

BNLX press release April 2018
During our recent period of inactivity, it became apparent that there was an ongoing need for BNLX. Our conclusion, based on direct consumer feedback and sophisticated analysis of proprietary psycho-demographic metrics, was that BNLX was still uniquely positioned to provide the BNLX-style services still demanded by today’s market.

In order to fulfill our commitment to our loyal consumer base, we are implementing Q1 of the BNLX First One Year Plan (extension 7). This Plan consists of two main components:

  1. The release of the BNLX EP #10 product, an audio product which contains four pieces of “music” performed by BNLX. This product is the tenth in a series, following the previous nine such products.
  2. The staging of an event, BNLXFest 4, featuring performances by BNLX and other “music” entities, including Two Harbors, The Rope, at the Uptown VFW Arena (Minneapolis) on April 27th.

This informational document is intended as a top-level overview of the Plan. Details will be provided in supplemental materials.

Thank you for your interest in BNLX.