BNLX Agenda of Activities: EP #8, video, other upcoming plans

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BNLX, the psychedelic/noise/punk/situationist/”music” entity headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, has an agenda of activities which it would like to share with you.

  1. BNLX is pleased to announce the imminent release of its EP #8 music product. The EP contains four new compositions: “Opposites Attract”, “Permageddon”, “Rapture Me Now”, and “Mass Ejection”. This product will be available in handmade physical CD form directly from BNLX, digitally via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and those other sites, and also via piracy on the Internet.
  2. Opposites Attract”, which kicks off the EP, is the designated “emphasis track for media”, and as such is the subject of a music video. This video was shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina during recent BNLX tour activities. It juxtaposes grimy urban imagery with the high energy lifestyle of a touring psychedelic/noise/punk/situationist/”music” group. Please note that the group is not actually performing the song live in this video, although it may appear so…
  3. BNLX has recently created a remix of a track for Swedish electro-shoegaze-psych heroes BLACKSTRAP. The song, “Make Sense Make Change”, features an amazing lead vocal by Victoria Bergsman (The Concretes/Taken By Trees/Peter, Bjorn and John “Young Folks”) Blackstrap’s original version was one of the best songs of 2013 in our opinion. We upped the tempo and brought in the noise, as is our way. You can check it out here…
  4. The BNLX album Produit Collecté (Collected Product) will receive a full national release in early April. The LP/CD/deluxe digital album rounds up songs from the band’s now out-of-print EP 1-7 releases. This release had been available exclusively at the BNLXFest II shows last November (as well as local Minneapolis record retailers), but due to ongoing requests we have decided to give it proper nationwide distribution. For more information on this release, please visit
  5. BNLX will resume its touring activities in May with dates on the US east coast, and June with a return to the west coast. Full details will be made available as appropriate via our normal web channels:,,

Thank you for your interest in BNLX.


BNLX in NYC at Pianos Thursday 11/21!




BNLX returns to NYC Pianos on Thursday 11/21! We play at 10:00, followed by our friends Eastern Hollows and The Veda Rays. We’ll have vinyl and CD’s of our brand new Produit Collecté album, plus we saved a handful of the LAST REMAINING COPIES ANYWHERE of the EP #8 handmade CD’s! RSVP to the Facebook event for the show here!

BNLXFest 2 Nov. 15-16 at Cause MPLS! Here are the details…


BNLXFest, the BNLX-curated festival of indie rock, returns to Cause Minneapolis Nov. 15-16. Last year’s event was a blast, and this one promises to be even better! Here are the lineups (set times/order still tba)…

Friday, November 15:
BNLX | Wiping out Thousands | Blue Sky Blackout (last performance ever!) | Gloss | with special guest DJ Jake Rudh who will be spinning some stellar tunes throughout the night.

Saturday, November 16:
BNLX | Pink Mink | Flavor Crystals | Two Harbors | Frankie Teardrop

There is a high likelihood of surprise guests too…

BNLX is releasing its new vinyl LP/CD/download “Produit Collecté” in conjunction with these shows. We’ve put together a lineup of some of our very favorite local rock friends both new and old. Please join us for a super fun weekend at Cause Minneapolis.

Sponsored by Radio K 770 AM/100.7 and 104.5 FM.

BNLX Produit Collecté (Collected Product)! Order the new album today!

BNLX-Produit-Collecte-cover-800px-72dpiAvailable exclusively from BNLX-not on iTunes or other digital retailers yet! Order it from us now! 

Produit Collecté collects tracks from the handmade (and now out-of-print) series of BNLX quarterly EP’s. The physical LP and CD versions feature 14 highlight tracks. An accompanying download card (included with both the LP and CD) contains all 32 tracks from the BNLX EP #1-8 releases, newly remastered and more awesome than ever, over 103 minutes of “music”!!! That’s a lot of indie rock per dollar!

Track listing for the physical vinyl LP and CD:  1. Opposites Attract   2. Do Without   3. Blue and Gold   4. Frogger   5. LMAO (CMEO)   6. Where Is the Love   7. BNLX Today   8. See What I See   9. Over the Horizon   10. Vaporize   11. You Left Me Here   12. Dance Dance Dance (on the radio)   13. Back in Your Hole   14. Rise Above

Tracklisting for the Deluxe Digital Edition download available exclusively with both LP + CD physical releases: this WILL NOT be available via iTunes or digital retailers. Includes all 32 tracks from BNLX EP’s 1-8, over 100 minutes of “music” total. This Deluxe Edition also includes all four tracks from the forthcoming EP 8 release which won’t be officially released until 2014!

EP 1:
  1. Do Without   2. You Left Me Here   3. LMAO (CMEO)   4. Row and Row
EP 2:
  1. Where Is the Love   6. Got Need   7. Espionage   8. Frogger (Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler)
EP 3:
  1. Blue and Gold   10. Just Got Paid   11. When I Knock   12. BNLX Today
EP 4:
  1. When Doves Cry   14. Shut UP and Drive   15. Rise Above   16. Soul Desert
EP 5:
  1. Burn the Boats   18. Back in Your Hole   19. Garbage Strike   20. It Was a Good Day
EP 6:
  1. Vaporize   22. Over the Horizon   23. Dance Dance Dance (on the radio)   24. Living in Exile
EP 7:
  1. See What I See   26. Meet Me on the Barricades   27. Round the Dial   28. Video Games
EP 8 (NEW! exclusive to this release):
  1. Opposites Attract   30. Permageddon   31. Rapture Me Now   32. Mass Ejection



BNLX announce BNLXFest 2 Nov. 15-16, EP #8 and compilation LP

BNLXFest-2-stencilBNLX, the Minneapolis-based noise pop “music” group, is pleased to announce its new Program of Prosperity and Production. This multi-dimensional Program, building on the unequivocal success of the BNLX First One Year Plan (and its extensions), is designed to consolidate existing market share while also presenting new vectors for synergistic growth opportunities.

There are three primary components to the Program:

1. BNLXFest 2: the popular BNLX-curated music festival returns to Cause Minneapolis on Nov. 15+16th. Last year’s festival was a mind-blowing weekend of fun and sensory stimulation, and this one promises to be even more so. The full lineup, which includes a very diverse range of both established and new Minneapolis indie rock artists, will be released in early October.

2. BNLX EP #8: the first new BNLX audio content since the band’s debut LP will be released in early November. Lead single “Opposites Attract” is already considered by early listeners to be the best BNLX track ever, and it will be previewed to the world in mid-October.

3. Produit Collecté – an assemblage of tracks from BNLX EP’s 1-8: The handmade physical releases of BNLX EPs 1-7 have been out of print for some time and are now collectors items. To service market demand, as well as to rationalize product profiles and SKU’s, we present Produit Collecté – a fourteen song vinyl LP “best of” release that offers a representative sampling of “musical” highlights from all of the BNLX EP releases. Accompanying the first 500 copies of the vinyl is a download card to access the full 32-track BNLX EP collection, now newly remastered and presented in archival form, and including the brand new EP #8. This release will also appear in early November.

Please monitor BNLX communications on the Internet and via social media as we will be continuously updating with details concerning the Program of Prosperity and Production, the BNLXFest, and the new products.

Thank you for your interest in BNLX.

NEW!!! Video for BNLX “Devil You Know” by Tal Tahir

Music video for the track “Devil You Know” from the debut BNLX LP. Directed by Tal Tahir. Concept, camera, edit and post by Tal Tahir. Live camera: Christian Erickson, Howard Day, Marcus Metropolis, Mike Minehart.

ALARM Magazine from Chicago premiered the video and wrote about it:

Watch BNLX’s spray-painted hype tour through Minneapolis

BNLXphoto: Nick Wosika

BNLX: LPBNLXLP (Susstones)

Every now and then, there’s a point at which you have to say “fuck it” and start tagging everything you possibly can. Works of art, hand-rainbow banners, other graffiti — it’s all fair game. Minneapolis-based noise-hawkers BNLX have reached that point, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to put their name on everything imaginable around their hometown.

“The Devil You Know” is a blast of swampy distortion and chugging rhythms that throw everything into disarray, as guitarist/vocalist Ed Ackerson proves when he tags over the star for Polara, which was Ackerson’s first band. Check out the video below.

Big Takeover Magazine premieres the new BNLX video for “1929”

From The Big Takeover…

BNLX frontman Ed Ackerson (formerly of seminal ’90s noise-pop pioneers Polara) is also a legendary producer, most recently producing The Replacements’ unofficial reunion record, the Songs For Slim EP, at his Flowers Studio in Minneapolis. We were tickled to learn that Ed himself had suggested as an appropriate home for this new video from the band’s self-titled debut LP, available now from the fine folks at Susstones.

BNLX embarks on their first West Coast tour tomorrow! Here are the dates:

6.7.13 San Francisco, CA – Neck of the Woods (midnight)
6.8.13 San Francisco, CA – Parkerzalooza at Light Rail Studios (8:00 PM)
6.10.13 Los Angeles, CA – The Echo (9:00 PM)

They’ll be back home in Minneapolis for a June 21 show at Triple Rock Social Club with Parquet Courts.