“Resist! Resist!” Summer Mix with even more guest vocalists!

We’ve done a new mix (and edit) of the epic and ever-growing “Resist! Resist!”, adding even more guest vocalists including our old pal David Poe and our Argentine shoegaze friends Fer and Lu from APZOO. Other vocalists in “Resist! Resist!” section include Mark Mallman, John Mallman, Ciaran Daly (The Stress of Her Regard), Tommy Rehbein (Naive Sense), Two Harbors (Chris Pavlich, Kris Johnson, Jeremy Bergo, Shawn Grider), Jim McGuinn, Jameson McGuinn, The Rope (Jesse, Pauly, Mike), PD Larson, Annika Ackerson, Jonatan Westh. Chant along with us, the work isn’t done yet!

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BNLX is a noise/pop/obfuscation entity headquartered in Minneapolis, MN and L’anse Aux Meadows, NL. Best known for its “music” products, BNLX also provides services in situationist tactics, audiovisual presentation, and other cultural exchange activities. BNLX organic members: Ed Ackerson (e.a) / Ashley Ackerson (a.a) / David Jarnstrom (d.j) / PD Larson (p.d) BNLX inorganic members: Knobby/Blinky To contact BNLX, please email bnlxATbnlx2day.com.