BNLX: announcement of activities

A new phase of BNLX will commence imminently and continue through Q2 of 2013. While there are many planned vectors of action, a top-level synopsis containing three points will suffice as explanation for now:

1. BNLX will deploy its first long-form “music” product in November of 2012. This product will comprise an extended selection of BNLX compositions (nearly a 3x increase in productivity compared to our quarterly short-form EP releases). We are confident this product will satisfy market demands for a “proper” BNLX “music” release, providing an opportunity for listeners to immerse themselves in the sustained narrative, harmonic, and conceptual arc afforded by the LP format. This product will be made available in modern digital containers as well as the attractive yet archaic analog packaging today’s indie market fetishizes.

2. At the time of the release of this product, BNLX will present a live performance event in Minneapolis of dimensions unexplored in previous BNLX plans. We will also visit major metropolitan areas in the eastern US to demonstrate the new product and consolidate previous gains. Plans for the US west coast plus global eastern and southern hemispheres will be announced in Q1 2013.

3. Meanwhile, preexisting BNLX “music” product will be rationalized into concentrated packages, allowing our consumer to acquire our catalog more inexpensively and conveniently than ever. By condensing our catalog into a limited number of SKU’s, we will assert a more declarative retail presence per linear foot, while also providing our customer with a higher density of “music” content per unit purchased (or pirated). Concurrently, production of BNLX catalog will be taken over by our globally-sourced team of E-Elves, freeing our local staff of elves to concentrate on exciting new opportunities.

Examples of new BNLX “music” and “films” will be made available to you via the Internet over the coming weeks.

We look forward to the deployment of these new plans. Your engagement is key to maximizing market penetration. To contact BNLX, please visit, or email us Thank you for your interest in BNLX.