Knobby remixes “Burn the Boats”

BNLX inorganic band member Knobby has created a remix of the track “Burn the Boats”. By removing vestigial “music” elements (vocals, bass, melodic instruments), Knobby highlights the pummeling rhythm and searing noise elements that lurk in all BNLX compositions. This remix is an excellent showcase for the drumming skills of BNLX organic band member David Jarnstrom.

BNLX EP #5 is available now!




Our research indicates that the goal of providing the best possible BNLX experience will be better achieved through an ongoing effort. Pursuant to this, we are pleased to announce the BNLX First One Year Plan (extension one).

The BNLX EP #5 “music” product will be the centerpiece for our Q1 2011 activities. Four “music” compositions expressing Nordic, Gallic, Tri State, and West Coast idioms are contained on this product. They are titled:

1. Burn the Boats
2. Back in Your Hole
3. Garbage Strike
4. It Was a Good Day

Tracks one through three are original BNLX compositions based on authentic pop cultural memes, whilst track four is an interpretation of a beloved Californian folk composition

Like all BNLX releases, BNLX EP #4 Physical Product Edition (CD+artwork) is handcrafted entirely by the organic and electronic elves at the BNLX Works. Each copy is unique and individually numbered. Each copy includes:

-a hand-stamped + painted, recycled cardboard folder (BNLX is not into wasteful plastic jewel case packaging)
-a CD containing the listed tracks
-additional “art” items, each package includes unique artifacts of BNLX creation

All of this is offered to you for the low price of $2.91 USD.

The production of EP #5 Physical Product Edition will be strictly limited to however many copies the elves assemble. They are already getting bored of making them. So now is the time to act if you wish to secure your copy.


Preview track from BNLX EP #5: “Burn the Boats”

We present to you a preview “music” track from the forthcoming BNLX EP #5 product. This track is entitled “Burn the Boats”. Comprised of heraldic poetry accompanied by electronic and rhythmic audio elements, “Burn the Boats” represents a new frontier in the extrapolation of the BNLX idiom. This track also features contributions by special guest improviser Otamatone.

We encourage you to stream, download, link to and otherwise disseminate the file containing this “music”. Control+click the “download” link to facilitate piracy.