BNLX LP Vinyl + CD’s available now!!!

BNLX LP is out now on 12″ vinyl and CD!!! Pick it up at The Electric Fetus, Cheapo, Hymie’s, Eclipse, Treehouse, and other Twin Cities area indie record stores. Support local indie rock and local indie retail!

People outside of the Twin Cities can of course order product directly from us. We ship fast!

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BNLX EP #7 is out now! Limited edition CD and digital versions!

BNLX EP #7 is available now! The release contains four songs (plus a bonus track on the CD version!):

1. See What I See   2. Meet Me on the Barricades   3. Round the Dial   4. Video Games   5. See What I See (“clean” version; CD version only)

Handmade, limited-edition CD packages are available at the Susstones Shop and at forthcoming BNLX live shows. The EP is also available for download from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, and all of the other online music stores.