BNLX “Everything Must Go” is KEXP Song of the Day

By Matt Prichard from KEXP Seattle’s blog

Self-proclaimed Situationists, BLNX write anti-war, anti-capitalistic, revolutionary rock ‘n’ roll, and make it catchy. Borrowing heavily from hypnotic krautrock, shoegaze, and psych-pop, the post-punkers from Minneapolis – comprised of Ed Ackerson (guitar), Ashley Ackerson (bass) and David Jarnstrom (drums) – draw from an eclectic array of influences, stocking up on a wealth of sonic fodder to form their atmospherics. When not making EPs and LPs, BNLX uses aural experimentation to assert their political viewpoints, recently participating in the feature Drone, Not Drones, a live, twenty-eight hour, fifty act, shoegaze-inspired benefit concert to raise awareness of the victims of The War On Terror and in support of Doctors Without Borders.

Today’s Song of the Day, “Everything Must Go,” opens with a spark of energy, ignited by a steady pop-punk baseline. As quickly as the song begins, its energy shifts into a seemingly hopeful tune with ascending drums and synth arpeggio. Intertwining vocals and harmonies, the two sing “we have got to sell you back your dreams,” a line which reflects their thoughts on the commodification of the human experience. Altogether, BNLX knows how to arrange a solid pop-song that deals with complex, relevant themes. Hopefully, we’ll see more from them in the future.