NEW! Ultra limited edition “instant” Replacements EP + show Nov. 25th

BNLX “Instant” Replacements EP limited edition “music” product. Here are two preview tracks:

BNLX is pleased to be part of the the annual Replacements tribute at First Avenue on November 25. In the course of our preparation for this event, it came to our attention that there has been a dearth of new Replacements product in the marketplace over the last several years. Admirers of the work of the Replacements are particularly die-hard, even rabid in their enthusiasm. In the interest of meeting the demands of this underserved and valuable consumer demographic, we have prepared an “instant” EP featuring BNLX interpretations of four Replacements “music” compositions.

The handmade product, titled BNLX “instant” Replacements EP, will be available for sale exclusively at the First Avenue show on Nov. 25, 2011. This unprecedented “instant” release reflects BNLX’s constant commitment to serve the demands and meet the challenges of the ever-changing musical marketplace. After this event, this EP will live on only as a memory and a highly collectible limited edition artifact. And, of course, as pirated content on various file sharing sites and music blogs.

Full EP track listing: 1. Color Me Impressed   2. I Don’t Know   3. Merry Go Round   4. You Lose

A Tribute to The Replacements at First Avenue
Friday, November 25
7 pm – $8

BNLX performance at 8:50 PM.