BNLX “Everything Must Go” is KEXP Song of the Day

By Matt Prichard from KEXP Seattle’s blog

Self-proclaimed Situationists, BLNX write anti-war, anti-capitalistic, revolutionary rock ‘n’ roll, and make it catchy. Borrowing heavily from hypnotic krautrock, shoegaze, and psych-pop, the post-punkers from Minneapolis – comprised of Ed Ackerson (guitar), Ashley Ackerson (bass) and David Jarnstrom (drums) – draw from an eclectic array of influences, stocking up on a wealth of sonic fodder to form their atmospherics. When not making EPs and LPs, BNLX uses aural experimentation to assert their political viewpoints, recently participating in the feature Drone, Not Drones, a live, twenty-eight hour, fifty act, shoegaze-inspired benefit concert to raise awareness of the victims of The War On Terror and in support of Doctors Without Borders.

Today’s Song of the Day, “Everything Must Go,” opens with a spark of energy, ignited by a steady pop-punk baseline. As quickly as the song begins, its energy shifts into a seemingly hopeful tune with ascending drums and synth arpeggio. Intertwining vocals and harmonies, the two sing “we have got to sell you back your dreams,” a line which reflects their thoughts on the commodification of the human experience. Altogether, BNLX knows how to arrange a solid pop-song that deals with complex, relevant themes. Hopefully, we’ll see more from them in the future.


City Pages premieres new BNLX track! Plus LP and BNLXFest details

City Pages Gimme Noise has posted a preview piece on the BNLX LP, plus the premiere of the new track “Vibrant” and some preliminary information on the BNLXFest release shows Nov. 16+17 at Cause in Minneapolis….

City Pages writer Erik Thompson on the LP: “t’s fiery, inventive, and everything you would hope for from a BNLX full-length.” Check out the full-length City Pages piece here.


BNLX EP #7 is out now! Limited edition CD and digital versions!

BNLX EP #7 is available now! The release contains four songs (plus a bonus track on the CD version!):

1. See What I See   2. Meet Me on the Barricades   3. Round the Dial   4. Video Games   5. See What I See (“clean” version; CD version only)

Handmade, limited-edition CD packages are available at the Susstones Shop and at forthcoming BNLX live shows. The EP is also available for download from iTunes, Amazon MP3, eMusic, and all of the other online music stores.


BNLX EP #7 out in April! New preview track! Release show 4/28!

INFORMATION: On Friday, April 28th, 2012, BNLX will launch the latest in its series of “music” releases, BNLX EP #7. This product will be available in various physical and virtual formats to serve the listening requirements of the widest range of consumers. All manifestations of the product will contain the following compositions:
1. See What I See (hella rad punk as fuck)
2. Meet Me on the Barricades
3. Round the Dial
4. Video Games

The media outlet 89.3 The Current is sponsoring an event to be held at the Nicholas Edward Hall, a new music venue located at 1621 Harmon Place near Loring Park, Minneapolis on Saturday, April 28th to celebrate the release of the EP. BNLX will be joined by other activists and agitators in the local indie rock community: The Idle Hands, Prissy Clerks (featuring members of Red Pens, Total Babe, Teenage Stranglers), and Launch Party (new band from members of the Mood Swings and Mercurial Rage).

BNLX is engaged in an ongoing campaign to heighten awareness, engender revolutionary spirit, and foster an energetic response to the hegemonic forces currently monopolizing the means of production. The sequential release of product is one component in an overall action scheme which involves the deployment of informational and conceptual constructs utilizing audiovisual media and situationist tactics. The EP #7 release marks the inaugural phase of the group’s current operational agenda (officially known as the BNLX Second One Year Plan). The execution of this plan will involve a range of cultural exchange activities (concerts, recitals, and other product demonstrations) and will be coordinated with the release of bundled intellectual property assets (“music” product) and physical manifestations of cognitive/interpretive processes (“art”).

About BNLX: an organization devoted to creation and extrapolation of memes and other specialized cultural products, BNLX is the midst of executing its Second One Year Plan. Its goal: to meet and/or exceed expectations as it renders mission-critical services to The Revolution, The Industry of Human Happiness, The Kids, and its other valued customers. Based in L’Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland, BNLX has executed field operations in numerous locales including Minneapolis, MN, La Pointe, WI, Brooklyn, NY, and Berlin, DE. BNLX creates class-leading pop/noise/obfuscation products which are marketed in the recorded, live performance, and audiovisual arenas. Sous le pavés, la plage!

NEW! Ultra limited edition “instant” Replacements EP + show Nov. 25th

BNLX “Instant” Replacements EP limited edition “music” product. Here are two preview tracks:

BNLX is pleased to be part of the the annual Replacements tribute at First Avenue on November 25. In the course of our preparation for this event, it came to our attention that there has been a dearth of new Replacements product in the marketplace over the last several years. Admirers of the work of the Replacements are particularly die-hard, even rabid in their enthusiasm. In the interest of meeting the demands of this underserved and valuable consumer demographic, we have prepared an “instant” EP featuring BNLX interpretations of four Replacements “music” compositions.

The handmade product, titled BNLX “instant” Replacements EP, will be available for sale exclusively at the First Avenue show on Nov. 25, 2011. This unprecedented “instant” release reflects BNLX’s constant commitment to serve the demands and meet the challenges of the ever-changing musical marketplace. After this event, this EP will live on only as a memory and a highly collectible limited edition artifact. And, of course, as pirated content on various file sharing sites and music blogs.

Full EP track listing: 1. Color Me Impressed   2. I Don’t Know   3. Merry Go Round   4. You Lose

A Tribute to The Replacements at First Avenue
Friday, November 25
7 pm – $8

BNLX performance at 8:50 PM.

BNLX EP #6 out now!!! Midwest + East Coast tour dates this month

BNLX EP #6 is out now! Grab limited-edition CD’s at Susstones Shop+live shows, or download it from iTunes, Amazon or any other friendly digital music retailer.

BNLX  is playing a lightning-fast string of shows to celebrate the release of the new EP:

8/20 Chicago Ultra lounge
8/21 Indianapolis Melody Inn
8/22 Hoosick, NY (private event)
8/23 Boston TT the Bear’s Place
8/24 NYC The Rock Shop Brooklyn
8/25 NYC Pianos
8/27 Minneapolis First Avenue (with Peter Bjorn and John)












BNLX EP #6 on the way-new preview track “Vaporize”

“Vaporize” is a free preview track from the forthcoming BNLX EP #6 product. The sixth in a series of quarterly BNLX “music” releases, EP #6 contains the following compositions:

1. Vaporize   2. Over the Horizon   3. Dance Dance Dance (on the radio)   4. Living in Exile

These compositions combine rhythmically-expressed poetry in popular idiomatic vernacular (“rhymes“) with pulsating percussive elements (“beats”) and harmonic modulations/variations/transpositions (melody). The resulting unique juxtaposition of auditory and narrative elements can only be described as “music”. Thematic topics on this release include IED’s, event horizons, beards and banjos, and deposed royalty. “Vaporize” leads off the EP with a high-energy blast of high velocity psychedelic noise pop.

This product will be available as a limited edition, handcrafted CD (Physical Product Edition) and digital download (Virtual Product Edition) from June 21st, 2011. A product demonstration event+concert will be held at Cause Spirits and Soundbar in Minneapolis on Saturday June 25th to celebrate the release of this product. BNLX will be joined by special guests Red Pens and Party House at this event.

We encourage you to download and disseminate the “Vaporize” mp3. Share it with your friends, repost it at will. Thank you as always for you interest in BNLX.