NEW: BNLX informational film

This short film documents processes involved in the creation of the latest BNLX product.

Since its inception, BNLX has consistently met and/or exceeded expectations as a provider of mission-critical noise services to the entertainment sector. Based in L’Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland, BNLX has executed field operations in numerous locales including Minneapolis, MN, La Pointe, WI, Brooklyn, NY, and Berlin, DE. BNLX creates class-leading pop/noise/obfuscation products which are marketed in the recorded, live performance, and audiovisual arenas.

For further information, please visit,,, or write bnlx AT

The BNLX Convertible Tuque-wear it YOUR way!


now only US$2.99!!!

Introducing the new convertible tuque! The BNLX tuque is now printed on both sides, allowing you to wear it New Brunswick style (long) or Newfoundland style (traditional). The BNLX tuque is already an icon of winter fashion this year-now it’s more versatile than ever. Wear it any way you like-it’s Your BNLX!