BNLX EP #6 on the way-new preview track “Vaporize”

“Vaporize” is a free preview track from the forthcoming BNLX EP #6 product. The sixth in a series of quarterly BNLX “music” releases, EP #6 contains the following compositions:

1. Vaporize   2. Over the Horizon   3. Dance Dance Dance (on the radio)   4. Living in Exile

These compositions combine rhythmically-expressed poetry in popular idiomatic vernacular (“rhymes“) with pulsating percussive elements (“beats”) and harmonic modulations/variations/transpositions (melody). The resulting unique juxtaposition of auditory and narrative elements can only be described as “music”. Thematic topics on this release include IED’s, event horizons, beards and banjos, and deposed royalty. “Vaporize” leads off the EP with a high-energy blast of high velocity psychedelic noise pop.

This product will be available as a limited edition, handcrafted CD (Physical Product Edition) and digital download (Virtual Product Edition) from June 21st, 2011. A product demonstration event+concert will be held at Cause Spirits and Soundbar in Minneapolis on Saturday June 25th to celebrate the release of this product. BNLX will be joined by special guests Red Pens and Party House at this event.

We encourage you to download and disseminate the “Vaporize” mp3. Share it with your friends, repost it at will. Thank you as always for you interest in BNLX.