INFORMATION: BNLX, an organization devoted to creation and extrapolation of memes and other specialized cultural products, is engaged in the execution of its Second One Year Plan. Execution of this Plan will occur along the following vectors:

-BNLX will release bundled intellectual property assets (“product”) containing iterations of its trademark rhythmic, melodic, poetic, and anarchic sound creation techniques (“music”). Product will be made available in the context of both short- and long-form releases. The first of these products will reach market in late April, 2012. Creation of the “music” itself is nearly complete and has been executed at Flowers Studio in Minneapolis using analog and digital transcription devices.

-BNLX will continue to expand its reach across the globe through ongoing cultural exchange missions. Major markets along the East Coast of the United States will receive particular attention in coming months, as will a handful of markets in the European Community. Cultural exchange activities will include concerts, recitals, and other product demonstrations, and will be coordinated with the release of the intellectual property assets described above.

-BNLX will create additional informational and conceptual constructs utilizing audiovisual media and situational tactics to engender an ongoing environment of revolutionary engagement, heightened awareness, and involvement with the market.

Thank you for your interest in BNLX.


BNLX at the Kitty Cat Klub Fri. Feb. 24

Amazing night of MPLS music! Check out the Facebook event for more details!Friday Feb 24th at the Kitty Cat Klub

The Parlour Suite (12am)
BNLX (11pm)
Red Pens (10pm)
Grant Cutler (9pm)

Hope you can make it out! Links to music below:

The Parlour Suite
Red Pens
Grant Cutler