BNLX EP #7 out in April! New preview track! Release show 4/28!

INFORMATION: On Friday, April 28th, 2012, BNLX will launch the latest in its series of “music” releases, BNLX EP #7. This product will be available in various physical and virtual formats to serve the listening requirements of the widest range of consumers. All manifestations of the product will contain the following compositions:
1. See What I See (hella rad punk as fuck)
2. Meet Me on the Barricades
3. Round the Dial
4. Video Games

The media outlet 89.3 The Current is sponsoring an event to be held at the Nicholas Edward Hall, a new music venue located at 1621 Harmon Place near Loring Park, Minneapolis on Saturday, April 28th to celebrate the release of the EP. BNLX will be joined by other activists and agitators in the local indie rock community: The Idle Hands, Prissy Clerks (featuring members of Red Pens, Total Babe, Teenage Stranglers), and Launch Party (new band from members of the Mood Swings and Mercurial Rage).

BNLX is engaged in an ongoing campaign to heighten awareness, engender revolutionary spirit, and foster an energetic response to the hegemonic forces currently monopolizing the means of production. The sequential release of product is one component in an overall action scheme which involves the deployment of informational and conceptual constructs utilizing audiovisual media and situationist tactics. The EP #7 release marks the inaugural phase of the group’s current operational agenda (officially known as the BNLX Second One Year Plan). The execution of this plan will involve a range of cultural exchange activities (concerts, recitals, and other product demonstrations) and will be coordinated with the release of bundled intellectual property assets (“music” product) and physical manifestations of cognitive/interpretive processes (“art”).

About BNLX: an organization devoted to creation and extrapolation of memes and other specialized cultural products, BNLX is the midst of executing its Second One Year Plan. Its goal: to meet and/or exceed expectations as it renders mission-critical services to The Revolution, The Industry of Human Happiness, The Kids, and its other valued customers. Based in L’Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland, BNLX has executed field operations in numerous locales including Minneapolis, MN, La Pointe, WI, Brooklyn, NY, and Berlin, DE. BNLX creates class-leading pop/noise/obfuscation products which are marketed in the recorded, live performance, and audiovisual arenas. Sous le pavés, la plage!