NEW!!! Video for BNLX “Devil You Know” by Tal Tahir

Music video for the track “Devil You Know” from the debut BNLX LP. Directed by Tal Tahir. Concept, camera, edit and post by Tal Tahir. Live camera: Christian Erickson, Howard Day, Marcus Metropolis, Mike Minehart.

ALARM Magazine from Chicago premiered the video and wrote about it:

Watch BNLX’s spray-painted hype tour through Minneapolis

BNLXphoto: Nick Wosika

BNLX: LPBNLXLP (Susstones)

Every now and then, there’s a point at which you have to say “fuck it” and start tagging everything you possibly can. Works of art, hand-rainbow banners, other graffiti — it’s all fair game. Minneapolis-based noise-hawkers BNLX have reached that point, and they’ve taken it upon themselves to put their name on everything imaginable around their hometown.

“The Devil You Know” is a blast of swampy distortion and chugging rhythms that throw everything into disarray, as guitarist/vocalist Ed Ackerson proves when he tags over the star for Polara, which was Ackerson’s first band. Check out the video below.